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~Intuitive Soul Alignment with Love and Professionalism~

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C e r t i f i e d  T a r o t  R e a d e r

Tarot readings are intended to provide you greater insight about your present life and the energies surrounding you, information that offers you a broader perspective about certain situations, or your life in general, to help you make a more informed decision about your future. As with all things, energy is fluid and constantly changing, thus Tarot does not predict the future, but it can provide you insight about potential events based on present energy so you can make changes in a positive and healthy way. Tarot should not be taken as direct advice.  Always consult with appropriate experts and use your own intuition and common sense. There is no better compass than your own.



Thank you so much for expediting my reading!  This has been the most elaborated, yet east-to-understand reading I've ever received!  I love the way you provided more information about my Life Path, the way you conducted and presented the tarot reading, coupled with your suggestion/advice for each card.  It's very informative and helpful.” 



—  Alexa

Marble Surface

The Universe has a way of guiding us forward through life with the aid of spiritual energy, Tarot being one such source.  My focus is to bring you awareness that your human problems can be healed with a clear mind, and the loving guidance which Tarot provides;  thereby, allowing you to acknowledge your own strengths and potentials.  Tarot extends the insightful wisdom of the Universe, conveyed to you, in a gentle, non-biased approach that enables you to more easily in making important life decisions.  You are powerful!  If you but grasp this power, you can conquer anything.

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