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I enjoy each of my clients in their own unique and powerful ways. I learn much from every reading I give, and I am grateful for this knowledge and experience. I so look forward to meeting you and providing you with Tarot's important messages.


Marble Surface
Pink Blossom

"I'm so grateful for the time and trouble you have taken and the tremendous amount of detail. Some points are absolutely spot on and resonated straight away. I'm going to have to read it a few times to take it all in. There is a lot to think about. Thank you again for an amazing reading. I have a lot to contemplate, and I am also grateful for your sound advice."


Image by Krystal Ng

"Thank you for your clarification and quick turnaround! I really enjoyed the reading. Specifically, I liked the quick turnaround, looking for patterns and explaining them to put everything together, detailed explanations relating to each card, the question and card positions which made me understand where your interpretations are coming from, your receptivity and communication."


Pink Clouds

Many thanks for your kind words and much-welcome advice. Your reading is quite accurate. I appreciate the insight. I needed to be reminded of the power of my being as well. Your reading helped remind me of the spirit I have. I even wrote myself a big note and tacked it on the wall about 'Do not dwell on the negative, or you'll become a human and psych yourself out'.


Hydrangea Flowers

"I thought the reading had a lot of truths, and you hit a lot of nails right on the head. The questions you formulated for me were perfect."


Purple Flowers

"Thank you for all the great information that you have put into my reading. I enjoyed sorting through all the useful information and am amazed at the time and effort you must have put into my reading. I'm looking forward to everything that you have told me."


Image by Meiying Ng

What I most value is I just came back months later to reread this, and all of this has been much related and resonated with all the information given.  You completely gave me the insight needed to take action and move forward.



Marble Surface

I have been using Tarot cards for some time.  However, I felt I needed a person from the outside. I was very impressed  with the amount of information from the reading and the background.  I definitely want to say a big THANK YOU.  I would absolutely recommend Emma, especially to those who may know anything about Tarot. 


Emma went above and beyond with my message.  "You gave the insight to take action and move forward.  I'd like you to know that."  She was encouraging and guided me gently.  The insight was perfect, absolutely perfect.  Emma held space for me, was honest, gave a very thorough reading.  I would 1000% recommend her.


I truly struck gold when I got Emma as my reader.  Thank you loads for tirelessly helping me clarify time and again.  You are very learned and well-read!


Frozen Berries


What I most valued or appreciated is how thorough it was.  It gave me a good insight into my situation.  I would absolutely recommend Emma as a Tarot reader to others!



I think you're the first Tarot reader that has really struck me on my question.  I truly am deeply impressed with what you've given me.  I hope you continue your readings and are able to successfully leave a positive impact on others as you have for me.  Thank you.


Aromatherapy Oil


Emma, it's just so kind of you to help me in all ways possible.  I knew I was in some luck when I had managed to land a reading, but the biggest blessing of it all was to have been read by a Godsend like you, who would go to lengths to help.  I'm truly thankful for you.



This reading helped me understand the situation and what path to take.  I feel this will help me decide how to approach this.  NO NO NO NO new relationships!  I am SOOOO DONE!  Thank you for a great reading.


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