My clients have been wonderful.  I enjoy each in their unique and powerful way.  I've learned so much from them -- Emma

"Thank you so much for expediting my reading!  This has been the most elaborated yet easiest-to-understand reading I've ever received!  I love the way you provided more information about my Life Path, the way you conducted and presented the tarot reading, coupled with your suggestion/advice for each card.  It's very informative and helpful."


"Thank you so much.  This resonates a lot with me, and I will take some time to really think and process all the emotions, thoughts and decisions I have to make in my life going forward.  Thank you again."


"First I would like to let you know how I appreciate taking you taking the time to give me a reading.  I didn't expect that, and I'm really amazed.  Thank you for all the details of my life path and all the quotes which I will read and go through carefully with notes.  I'm in shock of how close your description hit home.  Your reading resonates in parts, and I'm sure in the next few months many things will unfold.  Thank you again for your time and kindness.  I wish you all the best.  You are a very unique woman, the way you approach and see life and share your inspirations and knowledge."


"I enjoyed this reading.  I gave you little information, and your description of me was on point."


"Thank you for your clarification and quick turnaround!  I really enjoyed the reading.  Specifically, I liked:  quick turnaround, looking for patterns and explaining them to put everything together, detailed explanations relating to each card, the question and card positions which made me understand where your interpretations are coming from, your receptivity and communication."



"Thank you for all the great information that you have put into my reading.  I enjoyed sorting through all the useful information and am amazed at the time and effort you must have put into my reading.  I'm looking forward to everything that you have told me."


"I'm so grateful for the time and trouble you have taken and the tremendous amount of detail.  Some points are absolutely spot on and resonated straight away.  I'm going to have to read it a few times to take it all in.  There is a lot to think about  Thank you again for an amazing reading.  I have a lot to contemplate, and I am also grateful for your sound advice."


"Many thanks for your kind words and much-welcome advice.  Your reading is quite accurate.  I appreciate the insight.  I needed to be reminded of the power of my being as well.  Your reading helped remind me of the spirit I have.  I even wrote myself a big note and tacked it on the wall about 'Do not dwell on the negative, or you'll become a human and psych yourself out'."  


"I thought the reading had a lot of truths, and you hit a lot of nails right on the head.  The questions you formulated for me were perfect."


Savannah, Georgia
Tarot With Heart