In numerology, it is believed that we can better understand the world around us by observing numerical patterns in our daily lives. Numerology can also help us better understand our inner worlds. Numerology begins with your Life Path number. A Life Path number is a number derived from your birthdate that reveals who you are, your deepest values, and the challenges you may face during your lifetime. Also influencing your Life Path is your Decisive Age, the year a great flux of energies collects around you to create a fork in your Life Path. It is when you will be presented with two distinctly different destinies, and the decisions you make at that time govern which destiny you will manifest.  This is a period of transformation, reckoning and a commitment to a particular Life Path.  Events will seem to amplify or converge that year, all to decide which roads in your Life Path of possibilities you will walk.

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Let's Catch You Up On Life

Who doesn't need to brush everything negative from their lives, do a spring cleaning, so to speak -- at least once a year?  Your soul is the energy that actually keeps you alive -- heart beating, mental and physical acumen in the know.  It's the thermostat that keeps all of YOU on an even keel.  You get your medical checkups, your car tuned, careful to be to work on time -- and so on and on.  Why not give your soul the attention it needs?  It's the foundation of your being.  And, my goodness, if that's out of whack, all things can fall into a grand mess.  Notice being a little out of sorts?  Not sleeping well?  Perhaps your work colleagues are giving you grief?  Ghosted by your supposed loving boyfriend?  Kids too busy to pay you any mind?  Especially nervous about an approaching event?  Even the cat has been biting you?  Sometimes all it takes to make a big change in your life is a new direction and the encouragement and confirmation you receive in a Tarot reading.  We all would do well with understanding life's dynamics a little more clearly.  You might just find yourself becoming more receptive and open to exploring an entirely new and more improved future for yourself.


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