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Are you feeling as if life's pressures are too much, dragging you down?  Simply put, life is too short to carry around BAGGAGE.  I coach, I counsel, I discuss.  I interact with your problems as an unbiased observer.  I have college degrees in psychology and education with a minor in sociology.  I also am a certified Tarot reader through the Biddy Tarot spiritual education program.  My goal is directed to improve your processing of the world around you.  You will begin to navigate it more easily.  My aim is to focus on the present, rather than the past or the future, with the hope of unlocking potentials to maximize your pursuits.  I help you to discover and learn, rather than teaching in a formal way.  You absolutely do possess all the necessary skills.  I merely engage to activate them by offering feedback, listening, checking, empathizing, suggesting and asking that you question your own soul.  I know you have all the answers. 

Intuitive Counseling/Coaching

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