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Decisive Age

One's Decisive Age is a year when there's a great flux of energies collected around you in a way that opens a significant fork in your Life Path. It is when you will be presented with two distinctly different destinies, and the decisions you make at that time govern which destiny you will manifest. This is a period of epiphanies, transformation, reckoning and a commitment to a particular Life Path. Events will seem to amplify or converge that year, all to decide which fork in your Life Path of possibilities you will be walking. If your Decisive Age has taken place already and is in your past, much of what you’re going through today is attributed to the decisions made at that age or what occurred in your life at that time, actually leading you down the path to this present particular destiny. Had you made different choices at that time, your life today might look significantly different. I calculate everyone's decisive age at a first reading.

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