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Who's to say? I hold this to be a truth; however, the issue for me has not been

completely resolved.

WAKING UP AT 3 a.m. or 5:00 a.m.? (Another reason for feeling tired)

Some info for those people who do want to go back to sleep. Our council meetings in the higher dimensions end at 3am and 5am. Have done so for some years. Lightworkers attend these. They are fun - and this is where we catch up on our specific mission tasks - with the rest of our team. (Meetings are aligned to local 'time' because we can't get to the 'office' at 11a.m.) The need for meetings has become less and less as we approach the end of our work here. Many people wake up upon returning. If we understand that this is positive and don't protest it, we won't 'fully awaken' and we will go back to sleep just fine. Anyone waking up tired in the morning, may have volunteered to attend other teams council meetings - thinking they may be able to help or just plain curiosity. You can ask your I AM presence to 'resign you' from any meeting that you are not really supposed to be attending. When you are up there, you are being 'you' - all powerful and don't see it as a problem. But this doesn't translate into this dimension. That might not make sense, but I see people getting themselves involved in too many meetings all the time. So try it and see if it works.

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