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"Strive for benefit of the Universe"

I received this channel around 2016.

Across the depths of the ocean, across the skies endless, let the mist rise from the ponds in the cool, early morning air. This is you in all your beauty. What you have done to foster the promulgation of Earth in this time and space to complete its healing is beyond compare. We have worked as a team, along with all the angels, all of the Universe, all sources there are; all the light energies, all the star energies, helping in this unbelievable shift. Your heart is mine; my heart is yours. We have accomplished much. We shall continue to move forward to strive for the benefit of all the universe; planning, being prepared, extolling all there is for the movement forward of existing life. I love you with all my heart. Carry forward in your tradition, spreading hope and peace. Remember, we are at your service, at your command. Your efforts are unquestionably beautiful and magnificent. We lift you up in your victories. I love you.

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