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My subtle "pink" friend

(I published a series of these photos -- I cannot remember where -- and this was a response. It's interesting for me to receive the viewpoints of others.)

"As per the request from Jillian, I am honored to respond to your post, Emma. The entity in your photo comes forth at this time as a reminder to you that you have an IMMENSE perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. A life situation will once again present itself to you very soon. Because of who you are and who you once were, you will have great courage, and you will experience advancement materially and spiritually because you are a person that is known to swim upstream no matter the conditions, just the same as you have in lifetimes past. You will not be distracted nor deterred by anything because of your love which runs deep. The white entities surrounding the red are spiritual protectors which come as shields or barriers to anything that disturbs what is destined to be YOURS. Namaste.

Shi Marie"

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