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This was a excerpt I found somewhere quite a while ago and kept it. I have no idea where it is from or who wrote it. This rings true for me.

For those people who have reality on the breadth of experience that can be attained in the higher realms this lifetime, I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a lot. Not everything was easy and there has been hardship and pain but everything has been a learning and a growth and I wouldn’t swap one of those tough times -there have been a myriad of magical moments beyond my ability to describe in words.

I lived on Light for a long time; fought with the Dark Lords; found the doorway into this universe and used it often; experienced the pure native state of being; taught myself how to re-exist here by recreating the agreements that the physical universe exists; comprehended infinity; seen the Starseed Mission contracts; examined Earth’s time line in the main Atlantean Crystal and removed all disinformation; been transported across the world instantaneously complete with car; been present on Orion to hear the Universal announcement of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius; become aware of my parallel lives (and been part of on occasion) and the other aspects of me on Earth; spent time with Ashtar on board his command ship; worked consistently with very high dimensions; had the most amazing 22 years of fun, laughter and jokes with the Ascended Masters - having discovered that when you realize you are equal to them, they can treat you as such. The help they have offered is incalculable in the amount of growth it allowed me. God bless every one of them and I thank them with all my heart.

I don't know what lies ahead and, as usual, have no need to know. Wherever I can best serve in this universe, I am happy to be. I continue to be extremely grateful for my life and every aspect of it. Throughout my life I have met special people everywhere. I know we have the most incredible Light Force imaginable to serve this beautiful planet. I feel a great love for humanity and all the Lightworkers and Starseeds that have brought about such tremendous change on Earth. With the ascension of Gaia on 21.12.2012, many of the Light Force have completed and returned home and others are close to leaving. Remember, in order to return home, all aspects of ourselves need to be in balance, which includes being equally happy to stay here as to go home. For all the old souls here, as this is the last time we incarnate into a 3rd dimension, let's enjoy our amazing life during this short time we have left. It offers so much joy and laughter if we only dare play it.

I know I will see you all at the banquet, and we'll have fun regaling all those novices with tales of life on Earth.

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