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This was a comment to one of my channelings from Bareld Nijboer, a blogger who I often read.

I (Emma) speak the Star Language (Sirian High Angelic most often) and now, often can interpret what is being said. My guidance is that it is a Light language from the Elohim lineage. These languages are a remembering of our original language sometimes and sometimes it is a straight channel and you are at this point, a channel for this collective of Souls. If you ask them to speak more clearly as One, this will often slow down the channel. When these Beings of Light recognize we can speak their language, there are many who clamor to get through. This happened to me, and it was asking them to speak as One, that it all became clearer, as did the intent of the speech, so to speak. Sometimes it is impossible, or not meant to be interpreted as by the time the light frequencies slow down enough to get into English, the purpose, the intent are lost. Many times these languages include star codes, or light codes and these are a gift again, as is the remembering. I did not get it was so much political as them speaking about the Earth and the way forward that is necessary to bring Peace, Unity, the creators the Elohim are, they have many ideas for helping humanity. I would have to listen to this a few more times to get a clearer picture.

Pleased to be a friend, Emma Those beautiful channels your Divine Compliment sends you are indeed those of your King to your Queen! Blessed are those of us who have this commune with our compliments! Another gift of the Devotion, the Discipline we have to our work..

This is a scout ship from an Andromeda mother ship. You are from Alpha Centauri, in the third quadrant of the multiverse.

If you would like other questions answered, please don't be afraid to ask, I'm sure my mentor and I can get the answers you desire.

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