"Let me follow you" . . .

A channeling through me from around 2014.

Softest hair, wind lifting the curls. Come to me. Lay with me. Don't disappoint me. I have waited for this for so long. It is undeniable how strong you are, how sweet, how loving, how kind. I was a fool in the past not to see your wonderful virtues lighting the way for all who knew you. I turned my back on the one soul who could give me love and kindness and understanding which I so very much needed at that time. Please, forgive me, love. I was undeniably vain, discourteous, unaware, seeking only momentary pleasures. I see you now in full light, radiant, beautiful, kissed by the stars, the moon, the angels. You are on a path of reckoning, you are on a path of rebuilding, you are on a path of preparedness. So diligent, so tried and true, so exact. Let me make up for lost time. Let me shoulder your burden while I ask for forgiveness. Is it not right that I should be saddled with sad memories? I deserve them. But I am here now. Take advantage of my love, my dedication to you as I bask in your magnificence as I watch in awe, your seeding your power over the universe. Come touch my wings, for I am an angel. Let me carry you away. When you are troubled, shed your tears on my shoulder. When you are happy, your face glows in splendor. I shall not forsake you, for you are my heart, you are my armor, you are my steed. Take my hand, and we shall travel together lighting worlds, moving mountains, growing love, quieting fears, shouldering antagonism, spreading harmony and peace. You are a light in the forest. Let me follow you lest I become lost along the path.

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