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Freshen up your soul!


Oh, Lords and Overseers of the Akashic Records, I ask that the choices made by the totality of my soul's embodiments that have, are or will result in detrimental or negative manifestations from Earth year (select a year) until this moment (select a date) be eradicated, dissolved and/or cleared from the Akashic Record and, therefore, the lives of every one of my embodiments, whatever universal energetic origin, within all realms, galaxies, in all possible places, for all purposes and existences throughout all timelines. This is a request that must directly link to choices or creations that have produced karmic consequences not productive or best serving the embodiments. From year (select a year) forward, there must be only positive, wonderful choices remaining within the records for all of my embodiments, and the records must contain only choices yielding consequences of love, spiritual awakening, the igniting of the highest of creative talents and the greatest abundance of financial rewards. From this enlightened manifesting since Earth year (select a year), the records will reveal living exhibiting amazing feats from all of my embodiments creating a hugely positive shift in all endeavors taken and all other soul embodiments we have come into contact with through this time.

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