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EARTH HAS CLOSE ALLIES, please, let's wake up and acknowledge them . . .

A channeling I did from four years ago.

It troubles our hearts so to see mankind in such a state of affairs. It does not ring true to us. Yet we stand with our hands tied, wrapped in coarse twine, confined by the laws of the Universe to step in -- "interference" they call it -- to wrangle the human race out from under its own plethora of problems. This cannot continue. And I read so many papers and articles on your internet that seem to state how Earth is rising in the ranks in this ascension process, but this is not how I have envisioned carrying out the ascension. I now wish to break rules that I have already set for myself. My measures may seem extreme, but they are necessary. The humanoid beings of Earth, though not truly indigenous to Earth, those who have been strong enough to colonize Earth, inhabit Earth, have certainly come a long way since, say -- the term -- the Middle Ages but not so far a way in the development of purifying the mind and the body. I am extremely disappointed that your species seems more self-destructive than many species. It has happened -- the self-destruction, that is -- many times in the past. Yes, Atlantis and Lemuria were real, and they were destroyed as a result of an inability to control from within. It's not exactly what I would call a rage but, rather, an inability to adapt. You are being given more time. But Earth rains tears as it continues to be abused without reason, cause, motive, and it is breaking our hearts. I am a part of galactic federations -- several, many -- and to use human terminology, we bang our heads into the wall wondering why you continue to be self-destructive. We're not singling out one individual, but we take the human race as a whole; that is, the human race living on planet Earth in third dimension. My thoughts have been that your race has not been up to cornering technology and dealing with it appropriately. Perhaps if technology were totally taken away from you -- and I'm not talking about transportation; I'm speaking of your internet. Because humans have such a herd instinct, if I might put it that way, they follow by example. You tend to beat the paths of others. You're fearful to take directions by yourselves. Most of you do not know yourselves. To truly know yourselves, you need to be alone, totally alone, which creates the inner strength you need to resist modern influences. Even with the intelligence in all surrounding galaxies, high intelligence, and historic knowledge abounding, we have not come to a solution. Your situation on Earth appears to be snowballing. And from the perspective of viewing humans for thousands of years, it is following the same path, though on a larger scale in the modern world than in ancient times. As followers and loving watchdogs of Earth, we will continue, at the present time anyway, to devise plans of action which hopefully will maintain boundaries and fall within the confines of universal laws of interference. I want to say that all need to live every day with so much love in your heart that every breath you take, every step you take emulates the love vibration. But it is very difficult to maintain throughout a day, for instance, and your loving family from space understands that. I ask that you please think about our words, and you continue as you are for the moment, attempting to generate as much love as possible while we attempt to hone in on your very real situations. Know that we offer love and guidance, support to all who look to us for assurances. We shall be with you every step of the way, hopefully in Earth into peaceful, loving resolve. All of our hearts are beating with that goal in mind. We love you, care for you and will work with you toward all the needs you shall require."

~Your loving and truly guiding galactic family~

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