Channelings (channeled from unknown source)

It troubles our hearts so to see mankind in such a state of affairs. It does not ring true to us. Yet we stand with our hands tied, wrapped in coarse twine, confined by the laws of the Universe to step in -- "interference" they call it -- to wrangle the human race out from under its own plethora of problems. This cannot continue. And I read so many papers and articles on your internet that seem to state how Earth is rising in the ranks in this ascension process, but this is not how I have envisioned carrying out the ascension. I now wish to break rules that I have already set for myself. My measures may seem extreme, but they are necessary. The humanoid beings of Earth, though not truly indigenous to Earth, those who have been strong enough to colonize Earth, inhabit Earth, have certainly come a long way since, say -- the term -- the Middle Ages but not so far a way in the development of purifying the mind and the body. I am extremely disappointed that your species seems more self-destructive than many species. It has happened -- the self-destruction that is -- many times in the past. Yes, Atlantis and Lemuria were real, and they were destroyed as a result of an inability to control from within. It's not exactly what I would call a rage but, rather, an inability to adapt. You are being given more time. But Earth rains tears as it continues to be abused without reason, cause, motive, and it is breaking our hearts. I am a part of galactic federations -- several, many -- and to use human terminology, we bang our heads into the wall wondering why you continue to be self-destructive. We're not singling out one individual, but we take the human race as a whole; that is, the human race living on planet Earth in third dimension. My thoughts have been that your race has not been up to cornering technology and dealing with it appropriately. Perhaps if technology were totally taken away from you -- and I'm not talking about transportation; Im speaking of your internet. Because humans have such a herd instinct, if I might put it that way, they follow by example. You tend to beat the paths of others. You're fearful to take directions by yourselves. Most of you do not know yourselves. To truly know yourselves, you need to be alone, totally alone, which creates the inner strength you need to resist modern influences. Even with the intelligence in all surrounding galaxies, high intelligence, and historic knowledge abounding, we have not come to a solution. Your situation on Earth appears to be snowballing. And from the perspective of viewing humans for thousands of years, it is following the same path, though on a larger scale in the modern world than in ancient times. As followers and loving watchdogs of Earth, we will continue, at the present time anyway, to devise plans of action which hopefully will maintain boundaries and fall within the confines of universal laws of interference. I want to say that all need to live every day with so much love in your heart that every breath you take, every step you take emulates the love vibration. But it is very difficult to maintain throughout a day, for instance, and your loving family from space understands that. I ask that you please think about our words, and you continue as you are for the moment, attempting to generate as much love as possible while we attempt to hone in on your very real situations. Know that we offer love and guidance, support to all who look to us for assurances. We shall be with you every step of the way, hopefully in Earth into peaceful, loving resolve. All of our hearts are beating with that goal in mind. We love you, care for you and will work with you toward all the needs you shall require.

~Your loving and truly guiding galactic family~


Good afternoon. It is wonderful that you're finally making an attempt to actually speak English and you won't be bothered with all this gibberish. And I know that's how you think of it, as gibberish, but, really, it is a light energy and it is really important because it helps those who listen to it become grounded, become self-confident, self-assured. Certainly a better part of them is able to transform and become part of all that is; part of new realities, part of new visions, new hopes for all of beings who are on the other side. So this is a very enlightening experience for all of here, and it is just not your soul that is channeling through you but a entire variety of beings who wanted to participate today. And we also knew that this was coming. We knew that it would be today, that it was not unpredictable, so to speak.

So first off, we would like to congratulate you on taking this step. Second, we want to not exactly scold you, but we want to tell you that you are not making the most of what you could be making. And we say, "making." That's a word humans use -- making, doing. It has to do with mental creations, it has to do with taking control over yourself. You have done a wonderful job so far. You are living by yourself, independently, you have touched into other dimensions, you carry on beyond what you see that is just in this time, space, reality that your human form sees or hears or knows about; but you are actually moving between dimension. You are in multiple physical forms, you are multiple beings, you are all over the universe. You have transported and transplanted yourself; therefore, at night you go visiting, like Little Red Riding Hood, should we say, visiting Grandmother during the night. Only she doesn't meet up with the Big Bad Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood actually brings cookies to all of these locations, she reinsures all your beings, works on what is necessary for these other beings of which you are a part of currently. Let us say that you are experiencing in what they are experience in sort of a subconscious way. You actually know certain things or feel certain things that your other energies are feelings, and it's being transmitted to you through your energetic field, but you're not really aware of where the feeling might be coming from; if it's sadness, if it's depression, if it's worry. You say, "Oh, gosh, I am so worried about money. Why all of a sudden am I looking at my bank accounts and trying to prepare for the future when I didn't do it yesterday or the day before or the month before?" That's because you are touching and feeling that something or somebody else, who is a part of you, is putting energy matching that. It wouldn't even necessarily have to be your energy, but you may be close to some other energy that is feeling that and you can pick it up, absorb, however you wish to view it. It is enlightening to know that you feel those things because that's make us aware you are sensitive to this and more ready to venture into parts unknown.

You are a conscience channeler. You probably wouldn't remember everything that we are right at the current time. You know the gist of what is being said, and you're totally aware. You actually believe you are speaking all of this yourself, from your human side, when, in reality, parts of it are you, but we're also stripping you down to a spiritual level so we are able to come through much more clearly.

Another very important thing we wish to convey to you is do not let anyone take your power away. Right now we are seeing that ______ is taking away your power. That is not productive. And it is not that ______ is bad or evil or anything along those lines. He feels a need, and you're fulfilling his need at the current moment. But at the same time, we see that you are fighting what you, on a more spiritual level, are saying that he is not right for you, at least not at this time, probably never will be the rest of your life, your human existence in this physical body. What he asks you to do as far as contact goes is not what you desire or require at this time. You need to gather gumption and go ahead and tell him that that is not for you at this time. If he still persists or he won't have anymore to do with you when you inform him of this, then so be it. It means that I am probably needing to move beyond that, into a higher or different energy level, and he may not be willing to cross into that with you. If he does not, it is just as well for both of your energies. But he is draining you of power right now and that is one major obstacle for you that we believe would be very important -- we won't say get rid of, but it is a very important obstacle that you need to overcome at this time. That is to move on beyond that and the only way to do that is to flat out tell him your feelings or to no respond to his calls or text messages. And it is logical that you would explain to him why you are doing this. "_____, it's not because I dislike you, it's not because I think our relationship is wrong, but it's just wrong for me at this time. It's not where I am. It is not where my energy is."

We also felt it was tough for you to move away from _____ because of past life experiences with him. You would not have known you had a past experience with him necessarily, but you were told that by _____. So realizing that, she knew there was a connection there after many, many years. But you must know that you were actually creating the experiences for _____. There was reciprocation, of course. You enjoyed what he had to offer in security; having someone to speak with, aiding you in helping you move various place, which is another thing we need to discuss, but we probably won't go into that today. You aided him in many ways. You brought him from Honolulu over here, and we may tell you that was one of your primary reason for going to Hawaii, was actually to pick up _____ and bring him back, get him out of there. He had been wanting to come back to the mainland for a while but just didn't have the reason to move at that particular time. So you've brought him. You have -- you were never intended to marry _____. You had a romantic type of love, but from the spiritual standpoint, you had more of a friendship type of love. That is why it was so difficult for you to break away from him. It was more of a friendship which yielded a closer bond. Friendship can offer a much, much tighter bond than a romantic relationship. That is why we see male and females breaking up, fighting and going on to others. It was romantic love; it wasn't a true, binding friendship and long-lasting. However, you gained much from _____, such as the travels he offered, for his perspectives. And he gained from you also, although he doesn't like to particularly admit that. He was not in the where he totally accepted the spiritual as you. So you had moved ahead of him in that regard. So please just move past that, don't look back. Just say, "Oh, that was a great experience," and then "I'm ready for the next experience." If you don't want to have any more experiences -- that's fine too -- but you will and you are. Every single day you're going out in the world and working and you're meeting new people and you're driving to new places. Every day is something new. We know that you think you're not having experiences, and you're thinking, "Oh, I better begin having experiences because I'm living this life, and I better take advantage of every minute of it," but you are; just going to work is an experience. You are not sitting in your staring out the window. Even meditating, going place mentally is actually traveling and doing things. Another form of experience. So please do not believe you are not have experiences. For you surely are, and we're very please with that.

We want to say that it was very enjoyable this first particular downloading with you. We're not sure that you yet realize that it is a download. You probably think you're speaking directly from human self and not from soul self, which is not in line with correct thinking. And we want to say how much we love you and care about you and how much have and are doing for the Universe. You are thinking you may not be doing much for the Universe, but you're adding to all the time. Your position is very, very important. You have moved all these various places, made all that effort and it preplanned, and we knew about it. You have come into some very, very tenuous situations, both financially as well as spiritually and also into the areas of being independent and being alone. We would never say you are a hermit, but being in an alone state has allowed you to gather, to muster the spiritual bases, the connectedness which you have now and what was so important. And that could not have been achieved had you been surrounded by other humans. You would have been taking on too much of their energy, too much of their opinions, prospectives, perspectives, introspections. Those are what you do not need now nor probably into the future. We will say it is likely you will have contact in casual circumstances but not to have someone steadily around you. And you will be okay. You will be taken care of. We do look out for you. You have had some very trying situations. You are not the type of person who would want to live on the streets. We sense that. So there will always be some what that you will certainly live, and the more spiritual you become and the more you begin downloading what we say to you, the better the circumstances will become, and we will be able to guide you much more easily in this manner. You have had much connectedness with your pendulum and that was an achievement which allowed you to move into the particular spiritual level, but it is a little bit short of actual channeling as we are doing now. But nevertheless it was effective and will continue to be effective if you would like to use it. As far as the speaking of the light language goes, that in itself is a beautiful and angelic language, and it is downloading through angelic sources, and it is very important that you continue to speak that also because the intonations, sounds, inflections tend to open light centers and will help you maintain spiritual contact in this human body. The writing is doing the same thing, putting light message onto paper, which can be transferred or held for a while, and it is also being handed over to the Akashic records, and beings from other worlds, from other realities, are able to access that. Signing is helpful in a similar way. We have to admit that the signing is something your soul has created to parallel the speaking. But it also has importance. Right now I would say that if you channel for five or ten minutes a day, it will greatly help you. We many not always talk about what you are doing currently as far as your human side, but we will also be going into your -- I guess humans would call it extracurricular activities, and we know that you've been pretty much aware of those for a long time more or less. And we will discuss those with you in terms that we think your intelligence, or your brain, are able to comprehend. There are some shortcomings in channeling through the human brain. So not the knowledge available from all that is can be successfully channeled in an understandable, intelligible way.

We thank you very much for your time, and we will certainly work on this.

We love you, and we understand this is going to be a little bit of a challenge. Some persons channel 15 to 20 years before they feel that they are channeling fairly efficiently, and the words are coming out correctly. In your case, you are definitely a conscience channeler. So you should be able to remember at least some of what we give you. Some is going to be interpreted by you or downloaded by you and spoken by you correctly. There will be some times, a few times, where it will not exactly be accurate, but that is to be expected, and that could last years. It is a result of the differences in the energies and the attempt at melding together two difference frequencies which causes things not to come through quite as accurate as they could if everyone was at the same energy level.

We want you to know that you are wonderful to us, and we do everything we can to help you, and if you have any problem channeling, we will be here to help you, encourage you and enlighten you, and the communication will remain open at all times. And I believe that all who are present with me today -- extraterrestrials, angels and other light beings -- wish to communicate and do join. When I'm speaking as you are speaking, I am a collective. I am including everyone. So our thoughts are getting together on all of this.

But we love you, and we are always here for us. You are like a queen to us, and we cannot magnify our love enough to express how much you are doing for us at this current time, both in the spirit and the spirit form as is being transferred into the human body.

At this time, we will say "Good-bye.

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