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Drawing this Tarot card is an indication that you're on the way to a very comfortable lifestyle. Even though Pentacles represents material/financial aspirations, this Ace is being held in the air (with clouds around it), meaning that this Ace focuses not necessarily upon material manifestation but on actually bringing it into your life, relationships, situations of sorts. So though it bodes well for securing money and material possessions, it's not so much about the having of but more about the energy in the creating of it, the making, the action, not necessarily the end result. This can offer quite a bit of satisfaction, feelings of completeness, adequacy.

The card's image, being light gray or rather bland and neutral in color, leads me to think that there's a bit of stress in connection with any material gain, that although you may feel you are offering "good" into a life situation, with it may come problematic issues, although not huge. This card is a minor arcana and simply situational or temporary in nature.

This particular Ace notes receipt of opportunities without too much action. It may even be that there's a benefactor on the other side of the door, or you may be in a position to inherit or receive an award.

It may or may not be important to note there are no little floating leaves around this sword in the card's image as in the other three Aces. These leaves represent philosophy, science, religion, knowledge, mythology. Even though this card is positive for success, materiality and opportunities, Tarot is speaking under its breath to not lose sight of the importance of the endeavors to gain wisdom. In other words, don't leave the path on a quest for knowledge.

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