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All pages are announcing this or that, giving news, forecasting. So pages are gifted with being very talkative. Pages are young. So they act in immature ways; a little rushed, brazen, acting before thinking through. But they also suggest new situations, from love, business, education. Wands is a suit that stands for communication, career, speed and passion. This suit is a fire sign.

So this Page is most likely bringing in news of a project or an event that requires some form of negotiation. He tells of inundation of messages, urgent emails, texts, phone calls. Today might prove to be a bit demanding for some of us, but, overall, one should be able to count on the information you receive.

The Page of Wands brings in job offers, but being he represents you or immaturity, the status of a job position may not be as high as the benefits it offers. But do doublecheck all the details before you agree to anything.

A Page may represent a person or an influence/situation. As a "you" in this card, he asking that you express yourself.

The Page of Wands is an explorer, and his passion pushes him forward as he sees great potential in everything. His enthusiasm for the unknown great, and he inspires others today to overcome any shortfalls in knowledge with exuberance, bravery and confidence to follow any pursuit.

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