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5 of Wands - So you had little spit-spat?

This Tarot card speaks to a smaller disagreement(s). Perhaps you know it as a "lovers' quarrel." It is definitely indicating some kind of conflict, either genuine (more angry, rebellious) or gesturing/threatening. Hopefully, this presence of disagreeable energy is aligned more with a competitive feeling, good-natured rivalry, although Tarot may be indicating it would be best if this competitive stance is tamed down a bit . This is a conflict which may have been existing for a while, brewing, and may eventually blow up into a "not so nice" ending. In order to get to the root of the problem, perhaps look for antagonism in various aspects of life, such as work re-organizations, family disputes, friendship disputes, educational misalignments. This Wand card carries a sense of jealousy or greed; so feelings of some envy may abound. If this is the case, you must accept unrest as a means for self-improvement without feelings of malice toward other individuals. If one pulls this card for a career reading, it may be showing you that you are particularly skilled in leadership, perhaps sports or coaching sports, perhaps fund-raising for sports. This also tells you that you may have a tendency toward being comfortable at sparring, debating, settling disputes, perhaps working in areas that are plagued with challenges ranging from finance, business startups or employment issues. This is a minor Arcana card. No worries. Things will settle out.

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