Savannah, Georgia
Tarot With Heart
May 27

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  • "May I block the wind when you're cold? May I shield your head from the rain? May I create a path in the snow? Let us never be apart, for we walk together in like spirit and like love. May I help in a small way to ease the burdensome and heavy tasks you have in hand. Please call upon me. I shall send overtures of pure spirit and effort to ease the tasks. I am your servant. I am your lover. Let me be your pillow of comfort for all eternity."
  • This is a day that shows an outlook of balance, riding the flow, capable of multitasking. What is surely promised is that life is ever-changing. But despite the chaos, the figure in the card's image handles his responsibilities even while balancing on one foot! Be assured that everything is well in-hand.
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